Sunday, September 16, 2012

Open House Tips & Tricks #1

Invitations: I have my students make invitations to bring home the week before Open House to increase attendance. Possible ideas I've used: student made postcards that I've mailed home, 5x8 student decorated index card with magnets on the back to put on refrigerator, construction paper house, etc. This year I got a deal on some fancy invitations with envelopes that my students put all the important information on to go home (who, what, when, where, why). When students ask their parents to attend an event rather than getting an invite from a school flyer, they're more likely to come.
Survey: Use this Open House Survey to find out about your parents' needs prior to Open House Night. This survey will give you information about any confusion or questions your parents may have about your classroom. This will help you with your presentation and eliminate questions (that several parents may have) that evening. Also, at the bottom of the form is a place to RSVP to the event. This form is a reminder, a survey, and a chance to respond all in one! This is a Word Document so customize it to fit your needs: date, name, special font, etc. Click on the image to download.
Science Experiment Sign Up Sheet: Use this sign up sheet at Open House to have parents help out with the cost of science experiments. Parents are usually willing to help out and this will help alleviate some costs to you! Have sign up sheet available on table when they walk in. Keep this sign up sheet with your plan book and notify parents a week in advance to gather up the materials. Click on the image to download for free. Please follow me and rate the product-it's greatly appreciated!

Hope these ideas help your Open House event! Stay tuned for more tips tomorrow!
Have an idea? Please share.


  1. I love the survey idea-what a great way to take the pulse of your parents and what they'd like to know more about.


    1. Thanks Miss Trayers! Well said..take the it!

  2. I like the survey idea! I also use Open House to make sure all my parents have signed up for Remind 101!

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  3. Student-made invitations are in my lesson plans!

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