Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spark Student Motivation: Student Wall of Fame

I hope everyone had a wonderful week-mine was jam-packed (as usual!). Today I want to share an idea I've been using since the beginning of my teaching. My good friend reminded me this week that I haven't blogged about it yet! :) Ooops!

 Each week I feature a new student to be spotlighted in our classroom. They wait anxiously to see who the next celebrity spotlight will be! I send home a letter explaining the week's activities the week before. This week is a special week for the student, each day having special meaning.

On Monday, students bring in items to decorate their Wall of Fame (bulletin board) that represent them or want to share with everyone. They can bring in anything that can be hung. They bring in a range of items (photos, medals, certificates, artifacts, souvenirs, covers of favorite books/games, etc.). They share all of their items on Monday with our class. It's a wonderful way to get to know more about each other and for students to share important things they want others to know about themselves.

On Tuesday, my students write compliment cards to the featured student about what makes them special or that they appreciate about them. Each student writes on a hole punched index card that is kept on a book ring for the student to keep as a memento for years. (I have students in college that still have their compliment cards!!) It's definitely a keepsake!

On Wednesday, the featured student's parents or family members write a special note about them. I read it aloud to the class and of course, you will hear my students say "awwww" when I finish reading. They're always so touching and gives us a different perspective about each student. 

On Thursday, the featured student gets to sit with a friend. He/she chooses who they want to sit next to and I either switch another student for the day or let them sit at a table together. They also get to use pen all day. (This is a big deal!)

On Friday, I invite a family member to come eat lunch with their featured student and myself. Sometimes they bring lunch and sometimes they just join us to enjoy their "fame". At this time we also read the compliment cards aloud. Parents are so touched to hear what other classmates say about their child. It is very touching and I know it makes the parent feel special too. After all, they already know great things about their child, but it's a proud moment when others notice it too.

PHOTO BELOW: At the end of the year last year I allowed my students to teach their own lesson. One of my students taught a lesson on kindness and had each student write a compliment card to me so I could have a set too. These cards will be cherished heartfelt and such appreciation for the job I do for them. I now know how my students feel to receive these cards and the importance of sharing appreciation for each other. 

I've been featuring a student and designating a spot for them to shine since the beginning of my teaching and it's one of the things I could never get rid of in my classroom. The importance of letting a student shine for reasons other than academic is so beneficial and such a self-esteem booster. They love it and I love it!
I hope you had a wonderful week! Please link up any lessons, ideas, tips, tricks, incentives, ANYTHING you do get your students motivated or excited!
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  1. I love your wall of fame board! How did you make those curtains!

  2. Your wall of fame is just adorable! What a great addition to the classroom!

    Teaching Autism

  3. Love the idea of having parents/family write a note to their child, that is a great idea. I also love that they get invited for lunch. So sweet!!

  4. I love how you extend the Wall of Fame all week. That really makes a kid feel special!

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