Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet The Teacher Ideas

The following ideas could be used for Meet the Teacher or Open House. Our county holds a "meeting of the teacher" prior to school starting and then an Open House about 5 weeks after school starts.

Wish List Labels
I have created some wish list labels that can be placed on pre-packaged die cuts from Dollar Tree/teacher store or used on a cute cut-out from your school die cut machine. (It looks neat and professional). Many parents want to help, but aren't sure what you need. I have them spread out on a table next to the sign in sheet with a sign that says, "Please Take One", "Our Class Needs...", "Mrs. Miller's Wish List Items"-I've used a few. Even if you only get one donation, it's more than you started with. The labels range in price from $1-unlimited, allowing everyone to feel they can contribute. Print on Avery labels 8160 (30 count)-there are 60 labels in all. Feel free to pick and choose what items you need for your classroom. Click on the picture to download for free at my TPT store. It's free to join and sign up to follow me for future ideas/products.

Student Information Sheet
I print these on brightly colored copy paper so they're easy to locate when I need them. I like to have parents complete these while they visit my room if possible, so I'm guaranteed to get them returned. The form asks for basic information about the student (birthdate, phone, glasses, how they get home, etc.), but two things I like about the form is that it asks the guardian/parents' occupation (in case you need a connection :)) and if they would like their updates from your classroom by email or text. I know some people won't like this idea about texting, but I started it two years ago and the response was incredible! Think about it... everyone always has their phone with them and most people have unlimited texting, so they'll get important information immediately. Many parents don't check email frequently enough or have limited internet access, so texting keeps them involved and I always received a response back.
Click the the picture to download.

Hope you like!

Monday, July 30, 2012

New School Year Resolutions Linky Party

I am linking up with Amanda at Teaching Maddeness to make my New School Year Resolutions. I am horrible at making New Year's Resolutions, but New School Year Resolutions sounds fun! Here goes...

#1 Learn as many blogging tips and tricks as possible this year. I just started blogging on Saturday and it's overwhelming and addicting at the same time. I think once I've learned more, I'll feel more comfortable and find a balance.

#2 Don't leave until all "piles" are off my desk-well I'd have to move my family into my classroom! Ok, file papers as soon as I'm done using them. Easy enough right? Well, why is at the end of the year I have "getting to know you activities" sometimes hiding at the bottom of a pile (they're neat piles, but I always have at least one pile)?

#3 Use my planning period wisely-I'm a talker! My family is going to have a busy schedule this year, so I have to stay focused at school and bring less work home.

#4 Buy a laptop for home so I don't have to lug my school laptop home everyday! I like to work in bed while catching up on my reality shows.

Sounds great doesn't it? Ok Amanda, wave your magic wand for us!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Idiom Posters

One of my favorite things about teaching writing is teaching idioms. These posters are colorful and self explanatory. You could display one poster at a time as introduced to your students or have all 20 posters displayed on a bulletin board. I have mine displayed all at once. My students love them! I offer tickets to my students if they find these idioms in text or use them in their writing. {They're always eager to earn tickets!} Students could also write new sentences using these idioms on a post-it note to place next to the idiom used. {I will find any way possible to use post-its in my classroom!}

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Exit Sign In Action

Just got home from picking up the poster size of my Exit Slip Sign! I wanted to show some sample post-it notes that students could write. It could be student choice: I learned ___, the thing that surprised me today was ___, or I'd like to know more about ___ or a specific question you want answered to guide your instruction: what is the difference/relationship between ___ and ___, tell me how you could use this skill in the real world, write a quick summary about ____. The possibilities are endless and the beauty of it? It should only take 3-5 minutes! Another great way to use this sign is if you have a computer center. Students have to write one new thing they learned at computers before "exiting", making them accountable for their learning. Scroll down to link to your free poster!

Grand Opening Freebie

Thank you for visiting my new blog! I'm giving away a "Grand Opening of My Blog" present! I made this poster (20x24) for students to post their exit slips. I will use this to hold post-its. What are exit slips? They are a quick way for teachers to take an informal measure of how well students have understood a topic or lesson. They help students reflect on what they have learned, allow students to express what or how they are thinking about new information and they teach students to think critically. This is a .jpg file and I ordered my print at Sam's Club (only $7.96) and the best part... it's ready in one hour!!! I'm sure you can print this poster in a smaller scale if you don't want to make it poster size. Instead of using just post-its, you could also place the poster in front of a spot you have designated to turn in papers for a lengthier response. Enjoy! Please follow me and share my blog with others!

Fabulous Finds!

$1 in the Dollar Section of Target! Mini pocket charts are great for posting schedules, word work such as prefixes, making words, synonym/antonym matching games. Endless possibilities for a dollar! I have enough for my class to work in pairs. I can assess with a quick glance!

Student chair covers for a $1 at Target. They have a pocket to place a message or student name-I personally love to congratulate students on their successes and will personalize messages.

Giant fly swatters $1 each at my favorite store-Dollar Tree. If you play the game SWAT-these are perfect!

Found these bins at Michael's for 70% off! Yellow bins were a little over a dollar and perfect size to hold pencils. Their entire summer section is 70-80% off. I made labels for my bins and if you click here you can have them for FREE!

I've linked up with Mrs. Santana over at The Learning Tree for her Frugal Finds linky party. Check it out!
Welcome to my blog! I am excited and nervous about starting this whole blogging thing! It seems like it would be so simple, but it's been very overwhelming to me. I think after I get a few posts under my belt I'll feel better so here we go...
I want to start by thanking a few people who have encouraged me: First, my husband who came up with my blog title (I love heels!), and for having a lot of patience with me, and my children who have given up hours of "mommy time" for me to start this blog. Mrs. Barnette, (I still call her that!) my fifth grade teacher, my mentor, and my children's teacher, who inspired me to be a teacher. Patti, my advisor and the one who "trained me to be a teacher", has encouraged me for years to pursue this-I'm finally doing it Patti! Judy, my stand in mom, my go to person, who is always there for me. Amber, who has been with me since the beginning of our teaching career and will be with me 'til the end, tests my ideas out and gives me positive feedback. Terri, who is a life long supporter and wants to someday be my manager. Sharron, for helping me with my blog set up, all my technology issues/questions, and making my cape! (Will be soon revealed!)

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