Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cite Your Evidence For Common Core

 New Product!
I've been trying to teach my students to look back in the text and cite evidence (which is a new skill for most of them) so I created these colorful posters to help support my readers. I just put the posters up yesterday and they're already starting to use them! I couldn't resist showing them the mini poster key ring (see photo below)...they begged me for one! Haha (I told them if they were really good I might give them one!) Actually, I only made 6 for my reading groups; I didn't realize they'd be in such high demand! They're great visuals for students to use when learning to cite evidence after reading to support their answers. The posters are "stems" to aid students with their responses. Included in the poster set is a page of mini posters that can be used for a key ring like I've done or a reference tool for their reading folders. These posters are aligned with Common Core. Check out my new product here.
I'm so happy to see my students excited about using a "reading" tool to benefit their learning!
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