Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Don't you just LOVE when you create a lesson by accident??!!
I was "practice" reading one of the books from my "pile of picture books" to my daughter the other night before bed when I realized Hurricane! would be a perfect book to use during writing! I was surprised at the amount of figurative language (personification and similes) used throughout the book! We've been talking about personification and my students love when they find examples in their reading. After I read it one time through for pleasure, I asked my students to reread it and look for examples of personification. I typed up this story so we could highlight all the sentences. They were very excited to work in groups and share "their findings"!


Some examples from the text: "Lightning scribbled on the dark clouds that had buried El Yunque." "Fists of wind pounded me, punching me sideways."
Great read aloud to teach an author's craft. How do you teach personification?

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