Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whoop Whoop! It's a Sale!

TPT is having a 10% sale and I'm offering an additional 20% off my products...which equals...BIG SAVINGS! Don't forget to enter the code SUPER!
I just added a new product today for the special sale!
Reading Badges! How cute right??!! There are 12 different badges for the reading skills/concepts taught in your class. I give them a badge to wear for the day when I feel they are using the skill independently or in group discussions. They are a big motivator!


Also, you might want to pick up my Citing Evidence Posters...guaranteed way to get your students to refer back to text or quote text for Common Core Standards! My students especially love the mini key rings! might want the idiom posters-20 colorful commonly used idioms posters for your classroom! 

Happy shopping! I know I have a cart full of items I'm going to buy! It's great to get resources that are "teacher tested" to use in my own classroom and support each other at the same time!

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