Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tried It Tuesday: Bulletin Board Organization

Happy April Fool's Day! Did any of your students play a prank on you? OR did you play a prank on your students??!! I used my friend Nick from Sweet Rhyme & Pure Reason's April Fool's word search (which did not have one single word to be found the word search!) and it was PRICELESS! I could barely contain myself! I have some very competitive students and I literally thought they were going to have a stroke because they couldn't find a single word! They were seriously sweating and looking around the room nervously! I told them it was a contest to see who could find the most words in five minutes. I kept calling the time...3 minutes left, 2 minutes, 1 minute, and with 30 seconds left, one of my students said I think you made a mistake on this Mrs. Miller and I busted out laughing! They laughed too as they threw their crumpled up papers at me! :) So fun!
Now I'd like to share why I'm linking up with my sweet BBB Holly for her Tried It Tuesday...an easy and efficient way to store signs and letters for bulletin boards.
All you need is a binder, page protectors, and some labels.
Here is the easiest idea...
I only store letters for bulletin boards I use year after year-saves so much time! I hate having to dig through all those letters to find each one! I just label the corner of each page protector so I know what the letters spell out. 
It's also perfect to store bulletin board signs-all stored in one handy location. I don't hole punch the signs because I don't want them to have holes, so I put them in page protectors. 
Just add your goodies for the bulletin boards you want to use (recycle) year after year! I love that it's stored all in one location and I know exactly where it is! (which can be half the battle, right?)
Hope this little tip helps!
Check out all the great ideas linked up at Holly's Tried It Tuesday!


  1. I love this idea! I have things in too many spots and often just end up making new signs and letters because I can't remember the awesome place I thought to put them!

  2. I didn't have it together enough today to have anything prepared for April Fool's Day, but I had two girls bring in farting machines which made all the girls giggle like crazy. I was a total fun hater and threatened to send them to the principal's office until they handed over their farting machines.

  3. Love the April fool's joke! My students tried to trick me, but I was ready for them!!! Rookies thinking I was going to sit on a chair without looking...silly kids.

  4. Great idea on the bulletin board organization... don't think I'll get there for a while, but one can hope! ;-)

  5. I love your prank! I will definitely have to try that one next year! I was going to leave a note on my board that said "Dear Students: I won the lottery and am off to Hawaii! Peace out!" but then I was spotted and so the prank wouldn't work...oh well. At least no one pranked me! :)

  6. Smarty pants! I love this idea because I love binders...and you! I played a great prank on my kids. There was a news article about a water park that will be out in the Gulf and after two years they will sink it for a wreck to help wildlife. I shared the article with them today and then assigned it for homework for them to share with their parents. At the very bottom it says "April Fool's". It's been funny to read their Edmodo comments tonight. Some caught it and some didn't! XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  7. I love this idea!! Awesome!! I love the prank you played on your kids. Awesome!

  8. Love this! Know I'm praying for you & all our kids as we get ready for FCAT! My baby is taking for the first (& last time) this year. He's so excited! After all the years he's watched me fuss over others for the test...even picked out 4 t shirts to have me make for those days! I'll send pics when they're done!!

  9. GREAT idea!

    I love the trick you played on your kids. That is funny!

    Hodges Herald

  10. So very simple but GENIUS!!! I love this idea and plan to add it to my organization arsenal!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Genius!! I learn so much from you, Joanne. Such a simple -- yet brilliant -- idea. I hate sorting through all those letters to find what I need. Putting them in a plastic page protector and writing the title on the label will save me TONS of work. You're the best!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  12. I'm soooooo gladI found your blog. I'm super excited to learn so much more from all of your experience AND your creative & enthusiastic approach to teaching! <3 it!!

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