Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tried It Tuesday: Seating Arrangements Made Easy!

We're almost half way through the week! I'm linking up with the one and only, Holly, for her Tried It Tuesday!
I wanted to share something I've TRIED and WISHED I would've thought of earlier in my teaching career!! Here's a quick tip that I hope will save you some time! :)
Several years ago I thought I was so clever creating a template of my seating arrangement...every time I would change desks, all I had to do was whip out my handy template and fill the names in. I could do it from home, in the car, in my classroom...great idea, right?
Well, isn't it a pain when you realize you've written someone's name twice, or those two students shouldn't be together, or let me go through the list to see who I've forgotten because I have one empty desk?! And, NO, I can't put her in that spot, they'll talk too much!
Here's the easy and quick solution:
(I'm disappointed and embarrassed I didn't think of this until last year with my HUGE affection for Post-Its!)
Write each of your students' names on a post-it (once, and ONLY once the entire year!). Make sure you keep these Post-Its and piece of paper in a safe place in your desk drawer, and when you want to change desks, manipulate your Post-Its! So clever right?
You're welcome! :)

 Now, I color-coded mine for girls and boys so I can get a quick visual for each group. But, as you can see, I'm very girl heavy this year, so I can only separate them so much. So easy and I don't dread desk changes as much!
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  1. I recently came to the post-it seating solution myself - so much easier!! :)

  2. Genius! And so simple! I'm girl heavy in one of my classes too (8 boys...22 girls... Yikes!!) and this visual will help so much!

  3. Your template looks almost exactly like mine! I will now use post-its on my template ;)

  4. On Progressbook (our online grade book) you can make seating charts and move them around however you like! You can even include pictures which is great for subs and other guest teachers!

  5. Oh...me likey the Post-it note way. I'm with Diana. Our online gradebook, Focus, also has the online option with pictures, but I don't ever use it.....ONLY because my kids sit at tables and switch tables all day long. I don't really have assigned seats, but they kind of make their own assigned seats. I'm sure this will all be out the door when I get a new group though. You know me though. I'll have to have my Post-its notes to match my table colors and then I'll have to change them again if I change their color. Hahha XOXOX
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. Why didn't I ever think of that? I love all your Post-It note ideas!! Your pictures have been looking amazing by the way. Very pin-able! :) XXOO
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  7. I use post-its also. Then I slide the whole thing into a page protector and use that daily. I don't have to copy it over that way and I can make changes immediately.

  8. How many years have I been wasting the "old" way! The post-it way is so much better!!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  9. Love the color coding! :)
    I had a professor who had us do a year long curriculum map that way too. That way we could adjust what we were teaching if we needed too without erasing everything or retyping!


  10. Leave it to you to find yet another use for Post-Its! Seriously, they should pay you to be a spokesperson. :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

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  14. We're close to partially as the week progressed! I'm connecting up with the all in someone write my assignment all, Holly, for her Tried It Tuesday!I needed to share something I've TRIED and WISHED I would've considered before in my educating vocation!! Here is a fast tip that I trust will save you some time!


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