Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Two For Tuesday!!! Multi-Step Problem Notebook and Idiom Poster Bundled Set

Happy Tuesday Shoppers!! It's time for two products for 50% off!
(Sad news...this is the last week so grab up all the deals you can get your hands on!)
Thank you to The Teaching Tribune for hosting such a great party!
Are you ready? Here's the first goodie:
This multi-step problem performance task notebook was created to meet with the rigorous demands of Common Core Math. My students were having great difficulty with multi-step word problems. There's never enough practice and our current math series doesn't offer any resources or enough practice for students to be more successful with these types of performance tasks.

 There are 30 multiple step problems (3 versions of each problem, with a total of 90 real world problems).  Perfect to follow the gradual release model:
Performance Task 1A “I do” -- teacher model.
Performance Task 1B “We do” -- partner or group work.
Performance Task 1C “You do” -- student completes independently-could be used as assessment to drive instruction.
Each page requires students to underline/highlight important information, cross out extra information, and answer performance tasks in a complete sentence.
Multiple uses: guided math groups, whole group, formative assessments, practice, or homework.

This product was created to specifically meet MP.1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them and MP.6: Attend to Precision of the Standards for Mathematical Practice.
Perfect for 4th and 5th graders, but would be excellent enrichment for 3rd graders.
This notebook is normally $10, but will be $5 TODAY ONLY!
Next up for grabs is my Idiom Posters Bundled Set!
These 40 colored idiom posters will brighten your classroom!
Use one a week or have them all displayed on a bulletin board!
My posters line the doorways of my classroom.
**Students can mark the idioms with their name when they find it in a book or use it in their writing-that sparks competition to use them! ;)
 Each poster includes a graphic, definition, and idiom used in a sentence. Great visual for students to refer to during writing and my students refer to them daily in their conversations!
Pre-test and post-test included!
This bundled set is normally $8.50, but will be $4.25 TODAY ONLY!
Have fun shopping!

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