Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spark Student Motivation: ABC Countdown

Before we talk about sparking student motivation...what about my new blog makeover!!! Kassie has MOTIVATED me! I couldn't wait to post today on this beautifully designed blog! I'm so happy with the layout and colors! Thank you Kassie-you're patient, talented, and flexible!
How many days do you have left?
The end of the year gets hectic, so let's add some fun and a little something your students will look forward to each day! It's simple and motivating!
ABC Countdown to summer! I forgot last year and almost forgot again this year, but the night before A I remembered! I first learned about this exciting end of the year activity when my buddies Ideas by Jivey and Collaboration Cuties linked up a couple years ago. This is a great incentive for a substitute to use if you're out too! Count backwards 26 days from your last day of school and starting with A, give a letter to each day until the end of school. Brainstorm possible ideas of activities with your class for each letter, then start the ABC Countdown! :)
Here's our first four days:
 A-Make and fly an AIRPLANE! Of course, you know kids love this activity even if they're not professional airplane makers! I actually had a sub this day because of a workshop and it went very well. You can have a contest too for furthest flying airplane.
B-chew BUBBLE gum ALL day! This has probably been the most exciting day so far for my students because we're not supposed to chew gum at school. I provided one piece and then they could bring their own. They had to spit it out each time we left the classroom (lunch, special area, end of day).  
C-COLORING Day. I found this coloring book at Cracker Barrel and the designs are intricate and cool for BIG kids.
 D-DONATE our time. We read books with our kindergarten friends! Both 4th graders and the kindergarteners LOVED it! They were too cute! I loved the way my students asked questions to monitor their comprehension without any prompting! Such great little teachers!
D-DONATE our time (again). Our school held it's first Special Olympics for our pre-school students. We cheered on those little athletes with our spirit sticks! My kids they're so big and kept saying, "They're so cute!", "Look how little the obstacle course is!", "That was the most adorable Olympics I've ever seen!". I know the pre-k kids loved seeing all those colorful ribbons flying at the finish line!

 The possibilities for these activities are endless! You can make the entire day an "A" day, or just complete one activity a day...either way it's very motivating to kids! It gives them something to look forward to each day besides summer! :) The activities my students have done so far are a mix: educational, fun, volunteering, following directions! Even if you've missed a few days you could catch up!

Want a copy of the ABC Countdown fill in sheet? Click HERE! This is also a great to send home to parents to increase participation.

If you need some end of the year resources, check these out:

Book Character Awards, End of the Year Editable Awards, and to keep the memories preserved a Memory Book!

Have a super week!
I hope you had a wonderful week! Please link up any lessons, ideas, tips, tricks, incentives, ANYTHING you do get your students motivated or excited!
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  1. I love the ABC idea (this can totally work in middle school too!) and this blog re-design! It's neat, clean and beautiful!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  2. Our ABC countdown begins May 21st. Thanks for the additional ideas and planning pages. Our team is thinking of doing an adult version too W is for Wine, S is for Spa, B is for Baileys....
    Love the new look!!

  3. Wow! Your new Blog look is FABULOUS! Love your ABC Countdown! With only 23 days left you don't think my students will mind doubling up on a few activities do you? HA!


  4. I'm doing my own version, but I love you D day!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  5. my school the students get 1 hour consultation when spotted chewing...! I bet I'd lose my job if I introduced a chewing day!!! :)

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