Saturday, October 24, 2015

Spark Student Motivation: Scan to Win Reward Tickets


Are your students getting comfortable and need a new incentive to work for?
I have just the thing for you and your students!!

I created these SCAN TO WIN REWARD TICKETS a few years ago and they've been a hit with every student! It's the element of surprise that gets everyone excited! You'll be as excited as your students as they "scan and reveal" what they've won!

My students can earn a Scan to Win for all kinds of reasons: participation, random act of kindness, Reading Counts Points, improvement, homework completion, passing a subject area test, clean desk, and my favorite....just because!

I like to keep them guessing when Scan to Win tickets will be given out! The only "constant" way to earn one is for moving to a new Reading Counts Points Club, the rest are spontaneous!

It's something very easy to incorporate into your classroom and administration and other teachers are always impressed with this reward system. I used them at open house too and let my parents scan for their children, even the parents loved it! :)

See the video below for my student who already has over 300 Reading Counts Points...yes, it is only October!!! Whoop Whoop! I have two that are neck and neck and they're pushing each other with a friendly competition that's motivating them both!  I love it!

Sometimes I also have my students nominate each other for something they've noticed about their behavior, effort, etc. This student was "nominated" by one of his group members for being helpful to his group and always listening. Letting their peers recognize their greatness is a huge self-esteem booster too! Two for one!

Tickets can be handed out and redeemed ("scanned") at the end of the day or right at that moment, your choice.
This student Scanned to Win and won a ring pop! (Always a favorite and they're only 25 cents!)

Most of the prizes are free or of little cost: sit with a friend, free answer on a test, eat lunch with the teacher, use pen all day, extra computer time, treat, new pencil, 60 different SCAN TO WIN REWARD TICKETS. I've even included "Sorry, try again," if you want to promote risk taking. Sometimes I offer them a "for sure" prize or they can take a chance by scanning a ticket. It's real life right, we're not all winners! LOL!

Tickets can also be reused or let students keep them. Each prize comes ten to a page and I only print the ones I want to offer to my class. If you're interested, check it out here.

I hope you had a wonderful week! Please link up any lessons, ideas, tips, tricks, incentives, ANYTHING you do get your students motivated or excited!
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  1. What a GREAT idea!! My kids can't get enough of QR codes; they'd love the idea of scanning for a reward!! Thanks, Joanne!!

  2. Qr codes are tremendously popular in my classroom too. Wonderful idea!!

  3. My kids would love the scanning aspect but would dislike the unpredictability of the reward. Ahhh the joys of middle school! :)


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