Saturday, January 16, 2016

Spark Student Motivation: Tune Tuesday!!

Close Reading With Music?!!
That's right! Engage your students and they will LOVE close reading!
What better way to spark motivation than to use music in your classroom?

But how will we use music to practice close reading? Reading closely means reading for meaning and understanding. Close reading requires students to read, look, listen more slowly, noticing details, making connections, and asking questions. Close reading takes practice and needs to be practiced regularly. This is why Tune Tuesday is the perfect “scheduled” close reading practice each week.
NOBODY is absent on Tuesdays! :)
 We ALL love Tune Tuesdays! I can't wait either!

Several other grade level teachers have come to our class to join us during Tune Tuesday and they get just excited as the kids do! My administration loves it too. It's a fun and refreshing way to teach reading!

Close reading with music has so many benefits!

•Your students will ENJOY close reading!

•Engaging for all students

•Deepens comprehension

•Promotes student talk

•Cite evidence from text

•Analyze song lyrics (helps with poetry and transfers to other types of texts)

•Improves listening and speaking skills

•Helps struggling readers (listen to lyrics first)

•Teach multiple concepts and skills: theme, inferencing, drawing conclusions, vocabulary, author’s purpose, observing details and facts,

•Teaches to all modalities of learning
Music is a way of letting our emotions out and allowing ourselves to express our feelings. Music speaks to people, it inspires people, and it allows people to express themselves…why not teach with music in our classrooms?

Students can make connections with the songs and love singing along. This is such a self-esteem booster for my struggling readers as well because they listen to the lyrics and then are able to read the lyrics. This is a time for them to really be involved in a reading discussion with their peers.
 Disclaimer: You don't need a disco ball to do close reading with music! LOL!

The discussion they have with each other is simply incredible. They use accountable talk to discuss their findings and points they want to make. I sometimes forget the age of the students I teach (10/11) because they sound like adults when they pick apart the lyrics and defend their thinking.
I have been using these high interest song lyrics to engage my students since last year (I looped with my class) and these lyrics make them want to dig deeper. Practicing with these strategies transfers over to other texts we use in our classroom. It's much easier to get them hooked on a difficult process with an activity that is enjoyable and they can relate to.
Here's a peek at a lesson in our classroom during Tune Tuesday.
I apologize that the sound quality isn't that great.

 If you're interested in trying this in your classroom, click on the resources.
I hope you had a wonderful week! Please link up any lessons, ideas, tips, tricks, incentives, ANYTHING you do get your students motivated or excited!
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  1. Disco ball not needed but totally want one. I love this idea and totally agree that using music is a great way to engage students and boost the confidence of lower readers - that is what we do in early primary with choral reading, chants and songs - a great way to build in success. I am in awe!!....and your classroom looks great : )

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  2. What an amazing idea! I've used music to build fluency, but never for close reading. Thanks for sharing!
    Laughter and Consistency

  3. Yet another fabulous idea! I will be trying this one out soon! Thanks! :)


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  8. Do you have or has anyone created a rubric for this activity? My grade level loves it.

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