Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Open House Tips & Tricks #2

I apologize it took so long to post this second tips and tricks...it's been a little very crazy! If you've already had your Open House, save it for next year, if not, hopefully you can use some of these ideas!

Wish List Labels: These are the labels from an (earlier post) that were displayed on a table for parents to select items to donate to our classroom. The prices range from $1-unlimited (gift card) offering every parent an opportunity to feel like they're helping their child's class. The "hands" are displayed when parents walk in and I also put a "plug" in at the end of my presentation. You can use the labels on any cute cutout or die-cut you have available. (These hands are from Dollar Tree).

Goodies For Parents: I wanted to show my appreciation to my parents who attended Open House so I had these treats waiting on their child's desk as a thank you. (Mints are sold in big container from Sam's, bags are from Michael's and I made the tags).
Goodies For Students:  Can't forget the kiddos! I picked up packages of erasers at Office Depot this summer for 5 cents each! I didn't pass them out at the beginning of school thinking... I could use these for something! So, of course, I came up with this little saying literally at the midnight hour before Open House! My students were thrilled to see a gift for them on their desks and they can always use erasers too! Isn't it awesome when you can be a hero for 5 cents??!!


  1. Great ideas M! I made my wish list on star die cuts last week for our Back-to-School night. I also had a snack-sized Baggie stuffed with cookies on each desk with a label reading, "I'm glad you're part of our "batch" this year!"
    I hope your year has had a great start!

  2. I want to use the hands but my dollar tree did not have any. I cant seem to find any on the web either! Such a cute display.

  3. I'm thinking about doing a donation/wish list type thing at Open House this year. How was the response? I love the helping hands idea.

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  4. Would you be able to emal me the treat tag that you used for the parents? :)

    Thank you,

  5. would you mind sending in email the label you did for the parent treat?
    heather pritchard

  6. I would love to have the treat bag tag. Are you willing to share?
    Thanks! Stacey

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  8. Do you have a copy of the mints tag for parents I could print? Thank you.

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