Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Parking Lot to Hold Questions

I love using this parking lot to help with my classroom management. I find it the most useful during my guided reading groups. (It seems to be the time that all my students want to talk to me or have a question). I want my guided reading to be focused on only the students at my table, so my other students will write their name on a post-it and "park" it on the parking lot until I can get to them. I try to answer their questions in between groups or when I've given my guided reading group a task to complete. I have also given them procedures of what to do while they "wait" until I can answer them...skip the question they need help with, ask a group member, move on to another assignment. Of course the first day I put the parking lot sign up I have a BUNCH of post-its-they all just want to try it out! Another time I find this tool beneficial is when I'm working one on one with a student. This simple sign just eliminates any interruptions and at a quick glance I can see if anyone needs my assistance. Students can post their names or their questions. I made this poster (11x14) and have the students use the mini post-its. (Sam's Club develops this photo/poster for $2.87). This poster is available at my TPT here.



  1. Okay, Joanne, I'm following now. May I please have a free parking lot??? :)

  2. Joanne, I love your Candy Comprehension. Could I have a copy sent to kenelya@friscoisd.org?


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