Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Made It-January

I'm linking up with Tara for Monday Made It-January!

Sub Tub: I always have good intentions of making an emergency substitute folder each year, but don't always follow through-who has time to make extra sub plans (just in case)??!! I saw these scrapbooking containers at Michael's and thought they'd be perfect to hold all sorts of goodies!
 You know how you run worksheets that you don't always get to? Put them to good use by placing a post-it with the subject/time on top, throw it in your tub, and voila! Ready to go in case of emergencies! I've also included a class list, clinic passes, referral slips, emergency drill procedures, and tickets for great behavior (always have to have a carrot!). The cover on the tub is a full page label.  **These make great gifts for your teammates and children's teachers!
Not really a "made-it" but an organizational tip...Ever say after Christmas, "What do I do with all these photo cards (because you don't want to throw them away)?" I hole punch the corner of each card and use a book ring to hold them together-easy peasy! Great keepsake!
Close up photo
As you can see, I've been collecting these cards for several years-my children love taking them out of the drawer to look at all our friends and family. It's neat to see how much children grow year to year!
Thanks for hosting this linky party Tara! 


  1. I am lucky enough to have Joanne as my bestie, so she made a Sub Tub for me for Christmas...I've already used it! I am a huge fan of organization so it was a perfect gift for me! Thanks Bestie! :)

  2. I love the idea of the photo cards! I'm seriously contemplating it after eyeballing this pile o' cards on my desk that need to go!

    I need that sub-tub, too! Very creative!

    Fun in Room 4B

  3. I love the sub-tub...making one of those. Great idea!

  4. Amazing! I love your sub tub way better than mine and I have tons of those scrapbook containers. I may have to do this and link up as well. :) Thanks for the inspiration

  5. Hi, Joanne. I love your Sub Tub. It is super cute and does not take up a ton of space. Also, what a great idea for Christmas cards! I always end of tossing them, but feel guilt. This is a wonderful option. Thanks for sharing :)

    The Brown Bag Teacher

  6. I love the Sub Tub idea - I really like your idea of putting in worksheets that I had prepared but did not end up using - I always feel so guilty about those. I wish I would have picked up a container when I saw them on sale at Michaels.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

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