Thursday, November 21, 2013

NEW Multi-Step Problem Solving Product and Pin It to Win It

I'm so excited to have completed my Multi-Step Problem Solving Performance Task Notebook! I have been working on this for over a month! My students always struggle with word problems, but with the rigorous demands of Common Core, I knew my students needed more than my current math curriculum was providing. Our district is very big on the Gradual Release Model, so I made 3 versions of each word problem.
Performance Task 1A-"I do" teacher models
Performance Task 1B-"They do" partner or group work
Performance Task 1C-"You do" student completes independently

Each page requires them to underline/highlight the important information, cross out the extra information, and answer in a complete sentence.
Pages can be run individually or make a notebook for the year.
I collect the "C" version and do a quick check and return it back to the students the following day so we can go over it. I like "quick grading", don't you?
This is how I do it... 3 possible scores-
check plus-completely correct, complete sentence with answer, showed work, highlighted, etc.
check-half correct-steps are correct, but may have made a mathematical error (adding or subtracting)
check minus-steps are incorrect with mathematical errors, missing a step
(I don't like to write zeros, so I check minus doesn't seem as harsh.)
Sometimes I go over the multi-step problem with the entire class, but most of the time I let my check plus students find a student with a check and help them with their missing step or mathematical error. These partnerships in my class are very powerful and I'm fortunate that my students trust each other with their learning. While those two groups are partnering, I will take the check minus students and pull them to a group and give another mini-lesson.
As we know, multi-step problems can be overwhelming and dreaded by students, but I found this method to be non-threatening and my students look forward to completing their own after practicing with me and their group. Plus, the fact that it's only one problem per page makes it "doable" even for my struggling math students. I make a big deal about them paying REAL CLOSE attention to my modeling the problem and then they can be EXPERTS!
I'd love to give one away! Let's play PIN IT TO WIN IT!
Pin either picture above, copy the URL address after you pin it, and paste into the comments.
Winner will be announced Saturday.
If you don't want to wait, it's 40% off for today and tomorrow!!!
Happy Friday Eve!



    This looks amazing! My kids struggle with word problems and this would be an awesome tool!


  2. I would love to win this. My kids struggle with word problems too, especially multistep.

  3. Awesome! Love this!

  4. Love it!!


    Great resource!


    Great idea. We do gradual release too.


    Would love to have these!

  8. Would love these...anything to help kids practice problem solving!

  9. Happy Friday eve to you as well!

  10. This looks great! My students want to stop after the first step in a problem.

  11. I'm singing my comment: "I pinned it. I'm going to win it. If I didn't, I'm still getting it. 'Cuz Joanne is the Queen of it and I just need it." I know you're laughing....I meant it! LOL! This was definitely better than me singing the Mathematical Practice jingles and dances that I learned this summer. Haha!!!
    Here's my pin!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  12. Word problems are so tricky - especially multi-step ones. These would be great practice! Here's my pin:

  13. This looks great! Congratulations on finishing it! Those word problems are tricky:).

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Thank you!

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