Saturday, February 1, 2014

Spark Student Motivation-Scratch Off Tickets

Time to get students motivated with a fun incentive and teachers motivated with a sale!
Several people asked me about my Scratch Off Tickets from my Reading Counts prize board, so I wanted to show them to you!
I make several scratch off tickets for students to choose from: they range in prizes from lunch with me, homework pass, new book, 10 tickets, ring pop, etc.
I make 10 to a sheet, 3 of every ten say, "Sorry, try again". My husband thinks this is mean, but we don't win every time we play the lottery! :) They can choose a treat from my treat jar or take a risk and go for the Scratch Off, of course, they always go for the Scratch Off! 
This is the favorite prize revealed! Most popular choices are lunch with me or full size candy (depending on the time of day they win it...if it's the end of the day, they take that candy, so they don't have to wait until the next day for their prize!)
I have a little box on my desk of "lucky pennies" and the students gather around to see what prize will be revealed! 
YES, I promote 4th grade gambling! LOL!
At open house I make them for my parents with household chores their children can do for them (vacuum the house, breakfast in bed, clean bathroom, etc.). No, my students aren't super happy about this! :) But, just like for my students, some of them say, "Sorry try again". It's funny to hear the moans of the students whose parents reveal the chores and others say "Yes!" when their parents aren't winners!
I bought a large roll several years ago, so I don't remember which company I purchased them from, but this one looks familiar to me. They're not cheap, which is why I made my Scan to Win Tickets, so I could make as many as I want...just print! And they're on sale this weekend for 20% off, so for $5.60 you can have unlimited tickets and excitement to reveal the prizes!

I hope you had a wonderful week! Please link up any lessons, ideas, tips, tricks, incentives, ANYTHING you do get your students motivated or excited!
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TPT is not having an official sale, BUT several sellers are having their own sale!
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  1. Your tickets look so colorful and fun! I'm sure your kiddos love them! :)

    Tales of a Teacher

  2. I've seen on Pinterest that people make their own scratch off tickets with pant and soap I think. Have you ever tried that? I'm not sure how messy it would be! Might be a summer task.

    Literacy Spark

  3. I love the scratch off tickets!! I've made some on my own, like Jessica suggested above! I used dish soap and silver paint which could be scratched off easily. I also heard of someone else who laminated her scratch cards and painted over them with paint...or maybe even nail polish?? Not sure, but it might be worth a try!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  4. That does look fun!! But yes, I can see why you made your Scan To Win Tickets. :) :)

  5. I love that you have non-winners!! I may have to steal that idea while teaching probability. Great idea to give some to parents too - another idea to steal!! Woohoo for your sale - I may have wishlisted Scan to Win tickets and am ready to shop!!

  6. I was thinking the same thing as AMC above... doing something similar when I talk about probability. Thanks for sharing the idea!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  7. Your tickets look so fun! I would be afraid that I would want to scratch them off. I think it's great that you have some non-winning tickets. That's all a part of life! They can always try again. Thanks for sharing this great idea. I can't wait to see what I can do to make this work for my classroom...and like the others said above, when we talk about probability would be a great time to introduce! Have a great weekend!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  8. I love the scratch-off tickets! I might have to add that to my Reward Wheel!!

  9. My kiddos love scratch offs as well. I love the "sorry try again". Need to add those in!

    Success in Second Grade
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  10. I love the idea of the scratch off tickets! I never thought of doing that in my classroom. Thanks for sharing your fun idea!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

  11. Thanks so much for your great ideas and the linkys! I might just have to try those QR code tickets!!

  12. Aw, how fun!! You are so good Joanne!!! I love this!!! I'm sorry we didn't link up this week! I wasn't feeling well and I feel like my head is clogged. Everything you share is so inspirational. I really need to do better. YOU are a motivator! Thank you!!
    Collaboration Cuties

  13. I'm glad you posted about this because I was wondering about these when I saw them on your blog a few weeks ago. You have the most clever ideas!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  14. Cute scratch-offs! I think it's totally fair to have the "non-winners" mixed in the bunch! It's a good life lesson...haha!!

    Kate :)
    McDee's Busy Bees

  15. Thanks for share if you wanna buy more scratch off cards you can visit scratch off poster


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