Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Workshop Wednesday: Figurative Language
I look forward to Wednesdays for a few reasons...we have early release (1 hour early), we've made it to the halfway point of the work week, and I get to learn new ideas from my BBB Jivey for her Workshop Wednesday!
Figurative language is one of my favorite things about teaching writing (I think that it's my students too!). Once they start recognizing figurative language in their reading it starts transferring to their exciting for us as teachers! One of the ways I get my students to recognize and use figurative language in their writing is with my interactive figurative language bulletin board. I created this for a visual for my students to use as a reference and to engage them in their learning.
If you've ever read my blog, you know I try to incorporate Post-its DAILY in my classroom. (My name is Joanne Miller, and I am ADDICTED  to Post-Its...ok, I feel better now!) Each group has Post-Its in their tubs and can post findings of figurative language any time they find them in their reading. We REALLY love this bulletin board! It's interactive, purposeful, a resource for students, students have ownership, can be used as a formative assessment, and it can stay up all year long!
Here's one way I use it as a formative assessment...look at the close up below.
See how many similes they found? They are GREAT at identifying similes, but don't feel as confident at identifying the other types of figurative language. So, I know I need to model the other types more often and help them identify them during read alouds. They have student tracking sheets to record their findings in their writing folders. Here is a writing sample I took today-very excited to see this board transferring over to their writing! 
"John  Baptush is in my house. I almost screamed my head off."

"That was a barrel of fun. That ride was as fast as a bullet dashing up into space, a universe with amazing stars!"
The best part is when a section gets filled, we take down the Post-Its and start over!
Check out all the other ideas linked up this week to W.W.!


  1. I love your wall! I want to do this. We have a "Words We've Captured" Wall. We put interesting words we find in our reading on post-its and put them on the wall.

    ~April Walker

  2. Oh I love this!! I'm not teaching ELA this year, but I'm going to share this idea with my teammate! I think I can adapt it to maybe go with Math or Science...hmmm....
    A Tall Drink of Water

  3. I love that you teach this all year through - I am sure it helps their reading and writing tremendously. It's the bees knees!

  4. I want to recreate your wall!!! I am reading Tuck Everlasting, which is bursting at the binding with figurative language, and teaching Erin's figurative language lessons concurrently, and this wall would fit in my lesson plans, where to put it!!!

  5. Oh you. My post-it queen!! Love it!!! Thanks for linking up, BBB!

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