Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hands-On Reading Comprehension

Are you looking for reading comprehension that can:
  • be interactive?
  • engage all your students?
  • liven up your guided reading group instruction?
  • be used small group or whole group?
  • assessed with a quick glance?
  • include graphic organizers?
  • be used as a visual aid for your students?
  • be used with ANY text?
  • impress administrators?

 Here you go!
One of my favorite reading tools to use during small groups is my Interactive Reading Comprehension key rings! My students love it too! They come to group asking if we will use the triangles! :) The best part for me is that it's interactive, they're fully engaged, and I can assess their learning with a quick glance! My administrators have observed me using this and are very impressed.
 Graphic organizers for each skill/strategy are also included. These can be used to track their thinking, to help with struggling students who need another modality, and/or to use later in a written response.
 Another feature is that it can be used with any text. If for some reason you didn't get your copies ready or your morning wasn't going as planned, you could whip out your key rings and have an effective interactive reading lesson immediately!
The key rings are color coded to match the visual posters with definitions for students to reference if they get "stuck" or forget what a cause or effect is. I keep mine at the front of the room, which is located next to reading group table, so they can look up and use their resources to find the answers.

This tool can be used all year and both you and your students will enjoy the "fun" of using the triangles! Once you cut and make a few sets of key rings, you're set!
Click here to purchase.



  1. Those are amazing! I love them!! Thanks for sharing.

    Mind Sparks

  2. Love those reading key rings. I know my students will too!

    Swinging for Success

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