Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spark Student Motivation: Book Character Awards


 I present to you...Book Character Awards! This was definitely a super fun red carpet event in our classroom! We wanted to recognize all the book characters we've met this year and celebrate their strengths and weaknesses. (Perfect timing for all of the awards shows!)
Here's a video of a few of our book character winners. They all wanted to WALK the red carpet!
Check out their excitement!

Had to have some upbeat music for our awards show! :) Aren't they cute? I couldn't upload a larger video to show the rest, but there was a range of characters awarded from chapter books to picture books. Many students made two awards because they just HAD to recognize someone else we met that was deserving of an award! {insert super happy teacher face!}

 Each student selected a character trait or character and looked back at our student tracking sheets for all the characters we've met this year to determine who was the MOST (eager, evil, determined, tenacious, courageous, etc.). They had to support their selection with evidence from the text.
**We based our awards only on books that our entire class read/shared for this ceremony.
 We created an instant bulletin board with our winning characters!

I purchased the red carpet at Party City {click here}. It's 15 feet and cost $6.99 (a must have!). It comes with adhesive tape on one side to use for a more permanent ceremony, but I want to reuse it so I just roll it back up and it's perfect! Well worth the 7  bucks to have my students squeal with delight to "roll out the red carpet" for our book characters!

****These awards are the perfect companion to my Interactive Character Analysis Posters, that share the same character traits.
 This is definitely one of my favorite creations because it's engaging and holds students accountable for their thinking. It's a great way to make connections and remember all the characters we've come encountered with this year. The conversations and debates about which characters deserved which award were priceless! Some characters get "swept under the carpet" during the school year, never to be talked about it again, this is the perfect opportunity to "reintroduce" them! (Students have tracking sheets in their binders of all the character traits to keep track of characters and their traits as we "meet" them). We will hold a second ceremony at the end of the year.

Check out this new product here!

LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!  BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! For the first ten people to purchase and leave feedback, you will receive the companion Interactive Character Analysis Posters free ($6.50 value)! Just email me after you leave feedback with your TPT user name and I'll send you the freebie! Your students will LOVE honoring their favorite characters! Great to make connections, character traits, persuasive writing, speaking and listening, so many skills!
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  1. This is my favorite product yet I think!

  2. LOVE the red carpet and what a perfect way to reinforce character traits!! Very fun idea! Thanks, Joanne!

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