Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Ideas: Craftivity, Organizers, Free Bulletin Board

Spring is here...especially in Florida! I like to cheer up our learning with bright colors and theme related topics/decorations.
Even if you add the cuteness factor, you still need rigor! There's no reason not to have both! :) Check out these student theme samples from my Spring & Summer Reading Graphic Organizers pack.

I love their thinking! It's also interesting to me how almost all of my students compared the theme from Red Kite, Blue Kite to a different book we've shared. (Another great reason to have those Theme Boards to refer to!)
Want to try this Theme Takes the Cake in your classroom? Click the button below to download. If you like it, there's 27 more graphic organizers to enjoy!

My students complete their spring wreaths before the break using a fiction book (Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch). We will complete the Easter ones this week using non-fiction text.
I've had my students complete them on books read independently and whole class read alouds. My students really have to think to complete these adorable wreaths!

Pick up all 8 wreaths in a bundle for a huge savings.
Click the button below.
Finally, is a SPRING Into Reading Bulletin Board! Brighten up your classroom or hallway with this easy display. Each student completes a flower after reading and voila...instant bulletin board! A board of full of flowery book recommendations!
Are you wondering about the flowers in the corners of the bulletin board??! Of course you are! They're plates from Dollar Tree...aren't they darling?

Print flowers on bright colored paper for a "pop" on your display. Cut flowers and staple onto board!
Easy peasy! :)

Go grab your FREE instant bulletin board! As always, kind feedback is greatly appreciated! xoxo

Hope you found some helpful ideas that will brighten your classroom or motivate your kiddos during Spring Fever! Have a super week! We start our state testing this week!


  1. Love the bulletin board - thanks so much!! LOVE the plates - they always have the cutest plates and I am always looking for an excuse to buy them : )

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