Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mentor Text: A Picture Book of Harriet Tubman

Every week I'm so excited to learn about new books to add to my collection with the wonderful Amanda & Stacia's Mentor Text Linky! So many great ideas, lesson, and book recommendations!
I'd like to give a Happy Birthday to my sweet friend AMANDA!
David Adler has many biographies written in this easy to understand format. This informative picture book introduces the important facts about the life of Harriet Tubman. Although the author covers her entire life from her birth until her death, he points out her most important accomplishments.  We learn about her rebellious childhood, her family, her part as a conductor of the Underground Railroad, the way she helped the north during the Civil War, and how she continued to help after the war. It goes through her life story and experiences as she was treated badly as a slave, wanted dead or alive by slaveholders, and finally respected and admired as the “Moses” to her people.
I really like this picture book because it shows Harriet's strength, bravery, and independence. She fought for her freedom and became the "conductor" of the Underground Railroad to help free others. The pictures in this book confirm the meaning that the author is portraying through text.
 This book would be perfect for black history, slavery, and the Underground Railroad.  
When I read this book aloud to my students they come to the carpet armed with a clipboard covered with sticky notes. For this particular lesson, I have them focus on character traits, writing down one character trait per sticky note. We share our thinking with our shoulder partners and aloud with the class. My students select one Post-It (one character trait) to "write long off of" to extend their thinking by citing evidence and details to support their trait.
This template is a great visual for students to see how much I'm expecting them to extend and expand their thinking (post-it size compared to written response). I want them to support their thinking with details, quotes, inferences, and evidence from the text. So many times students say, "I don't know what to write about." I love this idea because it gives them a starting point. If you think you could use this template in your classroom, grab this FREEBIE here!
 **Please be kind and leave feedback if you download.
Be sure to check out Amanda & Stacia's linky, but'll be adding books to your wish list! 


  1. I just love these books, too! I used them even in 1st grade when I taught the itty-bitties! :)
    ideas by jivey
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  2. I love this series of books, but I don't have this one. Looks like I have another book to add to my wish list!

  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm pinning it now!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  4. Thank you so much for the freebie. Last year we spent a lot of time finding the evidence, talking about it and then writing a response - this will be so helpful. I like it because it starts out small and I will have a chance to model and they will have a chance to talk before writing their response. Thanks - you are the best!

  5. Thanks for this FREEBIE! Pinned it and shared on facebook. :) Looks like we will be using a lot of post-its this year! Yay!

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  9. I am definitely going to make find a gas station near you
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