Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Planning Giveaway!

Welcome to the Summer Planning Giveaway!
I am so excited to be part of this AMAZING giveaway! Do you want to know the BEST part? Everyone wins! You will hop from blog to blog, become a follower or fan of some fun blogger's blog/Facebook/TPT, collect the secret word, and get all the wonderful prizes in the package!
Sounds pretty FANTASTIC right? Let's get started!
If you happen to be visiting my blog first, please START at I'm Lovin Lit, Erin is so creative and planned this whole event! (I am stop 3 in package D).

  I have donated my Inspirational Quotes to this giveaway!
I use these inspirational quotes at the beginning of the year to build community in my classroom. Students design their posters based on the quote they choose. It makes our classroom so beautiful and saves you lots of money on premade posers!
You can read more in detail and see photos here.
You want to collect this prize? Just follow these simple directions:
1. Follow my blog by clicking the Bloglovin' button below on the right side bar. I still follow blogs through Google Friend Connect also-please consider joining both...I'm almost to 400!
2. "Like" Head Over Heels For Teaching Facebook page! As a fan, you will receive exclusive fan freebies! Click the link or the button below.
3. Collect your secret word!
If you're trying to figure out a new reward system for your class to start your year with excitement you might like this product:
My Scan to Win Tickets are guaranteed to win your students over! When your students "scan" their ticket (iPad, iPod, smart phone using free QR Reader app) and reveal their prize your class will spark with excitement. 20% during this summer planning giveaway! I'd love for you to follow me at my Teachers Pay Teachers store while you're visiting, then you'll be alerted of freebies and new products!
Have fun on this amazing blog hop giveaway!
That's it! Go back to I'm Lovin Lit for D-4!

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