Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tried It Tuesday: Felt Covered Chair Legs

It's Tuesday and time to link up with the one and only HOLLY for Tried it Tuesday! So many great ideas that are tried and true!
Last year my floors were HORRENDOUS by the end of the year...scraped, pencil markings, no wax left, you've probably had those floors too at the end of the year!
I've seen people use the tennis balls, but they are pricey and I heard they're pretty hard to cut. So...I decided to try the felt at the bottom of the chair legs!
Now, our custodians (who are amazing) are teasing me because I made "shoes" for my chairs and they're not HEELS! (Maybe next year I can get more creative!)

I didn't have any pattern or directions for my covers, so there might be a better way out there...but I used one piece of felt per chair. (Hobby Lobby 4/$1). I cut the felt into fourths.

I folded the strips in half to double them for added strength and durability.
Then I wrapped them around the bottom of the chair with a rubber band (black to match of course!).
I've only TRIED this for two days and we've had a couple fall off, but it's so much quieter and I can already tell it will keep my floor in better condition for so much longer!
I'll keep you posted! Even if they only last for a few months I think it would be worth $6!
Have you ever tried this before or do you know a better method?


  1. One good thing about carpet!! But I'll tell ya, any stains do NOT come out of our carpet. Ew.
    ideas by jivey
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  2. First the color co-ordinating staples, now the elastics - there is no end to the smiles and inspiration! Like Jivey, I still have carpet but they should be moving us over to floor soon - so I will tuck this little idea away for now, thanks :)

  3. Putting tennis balls on the chair legs is a pain! I was thinking about putting felt dots on my chairs this year, but I may try this method. Thanks for the idea.
    The Traveling Teacher

  4. I think it is a good idea too, but they sell felt circles somewhere, it may be easier than cutting them and them in rectangles. Not those pointy edges.

    Ms. Chae Charges In

  5. Just a thought: Last year the art room got new heavy chairs and my teeth almost fell out when I heard the noise from the scraping. One of my coworker's sons takes tennis lessons. I asked her to ask the tennis instructor for tennis balls that needed to be replaced. I also have a friend that is the General Manager of a golf course with tennis courts. He too donated some balls that didn't bounce anymore. They were all in fairly good shape. I will ask the art teacher what she used to cut them.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. We use tennis balls too. In fact, every class has them and we have boxes of them ready for use. I've used a box cutter to cut them...you just have to be careful. I've also seen scissors used and they cut a small X in it.

      Digital: Divide & Conquer

  6. I am going to do this tomorrow!! Thanks for the tip!!

  7. I tried the felt this year, too. I used cable ties to keep the felt on. It's been a week and a half, and they're still in good shape! A colleague uses stick-on round felt pads for the chair feet, and she loves that. Wish I'd known! I'll try that next time. It sounds much easier!

    Jan T.

  8. I may need to try this. Funny that your custodians said that LOL

    Hodges Herald

  9. Very creative idea as always, Joanne! I had one student with the tennis balls this year and so ehow they always managed to fall off. Our chairs just have those rubber stopper things but the kids try to tip them like crazy and I always have a few hit the floor! (Kids hit the floor!)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  10. I tried this last year. I found myself replacing the felt a lot, but only towards the end of the year. I'm going back to tennis balls this year. Maybe I just had a rough group last year, who knows? Lol Good luck with yours!

  11. I tried it last year as well. I also found they fell off all the time. I eventually just threw them away as the fell off. I hope they work better for you! We are getting new desks and chairs in October, so I didn't put anything on my chairs this year.
    A Tall Drink of Water

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