Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: Reader's Workshop Prep

Sorry, I'm so late to the party! Does anyone else feel like they're drowning?  I officially go back to school next week, but you know what the week before is like!

I'm linking up with my BBB Jivey for her Workshop Wednesday! Today, Tonight, I'll be talking about Reader's Workshop. One of the first things I tackle in my classroom are my book bins. I categorize my books by author, genre, reading level, and favorites. One of our first class discussions is about selecting books for independent reading. I talk about my classroom library in depth and how to find just right books. I try to organize my books so students are attracted to them and can find books of interest easily. The reason for so many different categories is to fit all of my students' reading interests and needs. (Plus, I have a very large book collection!)
Book bins shown: (Authors) Judy Blume, Avi, Andrew Clements
Book bins shown: (Genres) Realistic fiction, mystery, poetry.
At a glance-I have 20 book bins for selected books.
I also get my reading bins ready for guided reading. I like my readers to be equipped with all their reading tools! I have six sets of these bins for groups.
These bins include:
  •  Easy Reader-Really Good Stuff-highlights the words/helps students keep place while reading.
  • Evidence Key Rings-I have a class set of these key rings, plus one for each guided reading bin to aid students in citing their evidence. They love using these rings!
  • Highlighters-two colors for comparing and contrasting.
  • Post-It note highlighter-tiny Post-Its to mark text or find answers once I've given them a specific task.
  • Magnifying Glass-My students use these when they have to be "Text Detectives!" Magnifying glass=FUN!
  • Dry erase marker-Used when using page protectors for graphic organizers or to write responses on dry erase boards.
  • Pencil & Pen-Used to respond to text or mark text.
How do you organize books for independent reading? What "tools" do you use for guided reading? I'd love to hear from you! Any comments, questions, or ideas are welcome!


  1. Joanne, I love the little bins with the Evidence Key Rings in them. What a fabulous idea!! I just snagged this in TpT. Thank you! :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I love the Evidence Key Rings in the Guided Reading bins... genius!

  3. I love everything in your guided reading bins. The magnifying glass is a cute idea.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas!


  4. I love the bins with all the materials ready! Going to do that!

    Ms. Chae Charges In

  5. OMG I have got to get your Prove it...evidence cards...I just scheduled 3 more posts like you said...and one of my posts deals with evidence for girl I Have to log into TpT and click clack moo my way to this!

    On another do you get your link in your signature on these comments? see Melissa above me...her link is in'd she do that?

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  7. Just added those evidence key rings to my TPT wishlist... that will be on my next round of purchases! I love putting things in binder rings! They really are the greatest! I also like the idea of two different colored highlighters... I give my students access to highlighters but I don't usually have two different colors. I have done two different colored post-its but the highlights really stand out. Thanks for the great suggestions!

    Currently, my library is organized my genre, author, and nonfiction by topics. I hope to get some of my books leveled by reading level but I'm really behind on that process!

    My Shoe String Life

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  9. Your book bin labels look great and the bins are so neatly organized (you must have had a great helper)!!!!
    I like the idea of individual baskets of supplies for students to use in small groups. Thanks for a new idea!

  10. Thank you soooo much for linking up! I love your baskets of supplies!! :)

  11. Thanks for sharing. I've recreated your guided reading bins for my room. I can't wait to use them, I think they are going to help me so much!

    Ms. Chae Charges In

  12. thank you for sharing. I like the guided reading bins. I have always struggled with getting all the materials for each student. I don't know why I didn't think of your idea! It will be very helpful


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