Tuesday, June 30, 2015

50% Off-Addition Bundle and Synonym Bundle

50% off TWO products TODAY ONLY!!! 
I just love a sale!!

 Thanks Cyndie for hosting a party with a sale! 

My ADDITION BUNDLE includes the mastering addition facts program, addition rings, and addition bracelets (fun accessories!). 

This entire program is everything you need to get your students excited about memorizing those necessary addition facts! It takes little time each day and students are very motivated to graduate! 
(A little prep making the rings, but they will refer to them all year. *Summer is the perfect time to make this purchase so you have time to get them ready before school starts.

Click here if you're interested in this bargain!

Next up is my Synonym Bundle which includes 20 posters for boring words with lists of synonyms, synonym rings, and synonym work mats-fun hands on activity to get another exposure to those words or perfect for a word work center. 

Posters can be printed in the color version or black and white (great for writing folders). The rings will be used every time your students write. I love seeing my students whip out their rings to find a better word. :)


The synonym work mats will be used for years! A quick and fun way to review synonyms for boring, worn-out words! This hands-on activity will be a favorite, especially if you make it a competition among groups! (Competition always spices things up!)

Click here if you're interested in snagging this deal! 

Don’t forget you can still get my newest product: Vocabulary Bundle for 50% off today too! 

Click here to see the product, click here to read more about it.


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