Monday, June 29, 2015

Vocabulary Bundle-Monday Made It!

Hello Friends! I feel like I have a heavy weight lifted off of me! Why? Because I FINALLY finished my vocabulary bundle! I've been working on it forever (literally, almost forever-since last year...ssshh! I'm so embarrassed!). It's just such a big product that I've been adding to and deleting from until just this morning...until I felt it was JUST RIGHT to share with you! 

 I'm very proud of this bundle-122 pages of activities, graphic organizers, games, teaching ideas, word lists, parent letter, photos/samples,  200 vocabulary word cards I handpicked for my students to use in their writing and conversations.

50% off until tomorrow!!! Grab it now-you'll be set for the year! Click here.

Here are a couple of the teaching ideas included in the bundle:

Get your students excited about vocabulary!

  • Use old magazines to cut up pictures of words that represent the vocabulary words.
  • Letters of synonyms can be cut out too. 
  • Go over each chart to make sure they can justify their thinking for each word. 
  • Students can go on a “gallery walk” and check each chart to challenge any pictures they feel don’t match the vocabulary word.
  • Use as a center, group work, whole class review.
All work has to be justified and discussed with their groups and the class. If they can justify their thinking I will leave the picture on the chart. This activity is a quick way to assess the depth of their understanding of their vocabulary words.

This activity is definitely a class FAVORITE!

GET OUT OF YOUR SEATS for a QUICK review game!

Directions: Split students up among the vocabulary words and have them write their word on one side of an index card. On the other side have students write synonyms or a sentence leaving a blank for the vocabulary word. Students walk around the room and find partners to “quiz” each other showing the opposite side of the word, then trade cards, and find another partner to “quiz”. Great review before the test. (An easy favorite Kagan Structure).**This structure can be used for ANYTHING in your classroom!

 Retirement Gift

One of my sweet friends retired as our school psychologist a few weeks ago and I made her a retirement subway art and framed it. This way she can be reminded every day of all the things she'll get to enjoy and all the things she won't miss! LOL!

That's my Made-Its for the week. Go check out my pal Tara's linky party for so many great ideas! 


  1. Hello blogging buddy!

    Wow, that vocabulary packet looks AWESOME - definitely a labor of love :)
    I know what you mean about having unfinished products lingering for a year or so - I've got one that is constantly up on my computer - it's now become like a faithful old friend :) I really need to get it finished and posted!!!

    I LOVE your retirement subway art - so cute! I'm sure your friend loved it.

    Happy Summer!
    Joy in the Journey

  2. I want to retire so I can do all of those things and have amazing subway art too!! Congrats on the vocab pack - it looks amazing. I think I may steal the magazine idea when introducing vocab for science and social studies units with my grade 1`s. Thanks!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I would love to have a copy of your retirement subway art for a retirement gift. Would you put it for sale in your TPT store or is there anyway I can get it?


  5. Hey lady! Long time, no chat:/ We survived!! We should be meeting for a celebration! No clue what this next school year will bring and afraid of the writing:/ Anywho, thanks for linking up your wonderfulness! That bundle looks fab!!! Super vocab ideas too! I pinned them:) Vocab is always a weakness for my kiddos. Hugs!
    4th Grade Frolics

  6. Your vocabulary programs looks sensational!! I am so going to have to head into your store to check it out. I love, love, love the retirement gift idea! My mom just retired this spring from teaching first grade...think I'll have to try my hand at crafting her something similar.
    On the Trail of Learning

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