Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Cleaning Sale!

If anyone is planning on doing the Spring Cleaning Sale on the last two days of the quarter, I whipped up this little logo...what do you think? I can make changes before I post the file for anyone to grab for their blog posts or what not....
1. I'm having a sale at my TPT store! 20% off Saturday and Sunday!
2. I made a new product! My students loved my first set of idiom posters, I decided to make a second! I've also bundled my first and second set to save money!
I've also included a pre-test, post test, and answer key!
3. We're having our annual Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow evening on our cul-de-sac! We've been holding our Easter Egg Hunt for several years now, but last year we started the "Evening Hunt" because our little ones aren't so little any more! We wanted to increase the difficulty of finding eggs, so they hunt for their eggs in the dark using flashlights! They LOVED it last year! I found these eggs on Pinterest!  
Pinned Image 
Just put a glowstick in the will be perfect!

4. Cleaned out my closet this spring break-at least I got something accomplished!
4 bags full! Thanks Judy for your discipline! (And we didn't even argue about what to get rid of!) Yes, I have to have intervention when it comes to cleaning my closet!

5. Guess what??!! I'm starting my own linky party! I want to host a party about how we motivate our students and the student incentives we offer in our classrooms. I know we have tons of ideas to share for this topic, so I'm super excited! I want to keep it simple, since I know we are all very busy and there's lots of linky parties out there. A quick blurb or picture, or both to explain ONE of your magic tricks! I will keep you posted of the details this week. Still trying to finalize a name...if you'd like to vote or have a new idea, I'd love to hear from you. Next Saturday is the big party!
Spark Student Motivation Saturdays (Thanks Amanda)
Super Student Incentive Saturdays
Step Up Student Motivation (Thanks Holly)
Spark Student Motivation/Incentives Saturdays
I hope you all will link up for my first linky party!!!! A party is no fun when you're all alone!
Thanks Kacey and Amanda for hosting these two parties!!



  1. I love those glow in the dark eggs - that is a great idea. Your cul-de-sac sounds super fun. I think I would vote for Spark Student Motivation Saturday but I would link up no matter what you name it.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  2. oooo... excited for your new linky!! =) Everyone needs some new teacher tricks in their bags!! =) Your glow eggs are awesome!
    Sister Teachers

  3. Can't wait for your new linky! With the class I have this year, I need all the tricks I can get :)

    Lucky to Be in First

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