Friday, September 13, 2013

Five For Friday {September 13th}

 Happy Friday everyone! It's time for Five For Friday!
 Is anyone else having a hard time keeping up and balancing everything with the beginning of school? Please say I'm not alone...Here's a peek at my week!
We finished presenting our all All About Me Projects this week-my students were super creative with their pieces of posterboard! Here's a few samples:
A book...
with the table of contents! (Already using those non-fiction text features!)
 Pointe shoes...aren't they amazing (this is a piece of posterboard!)
 Radio with microphone! I'm not sure if you can see it, but in the section for school she has a picture of high heels to represent me! heehee TOTAL EXTRA CREDIT!
To start our space unit of study, I thought I'd "hook" them with this oreo cookie moon phases activity.
You know anything with food is very exciting! I think it was the perfect hook to get them excited about this unit! 
 Pick up this freebie from The Frizz in First Grade. 
We have open house next week and I'm trying to make my list of everything I need to get ready (big list!), but I did manage to get one thing done: my thank you mints!
Nice little treat to appreciate your parents!
Pick up these Thank You mint toppers freebie here if you're a Head Over Heels For Teaching Facebook Fan!
My friend Gary from Scrappy Guys is having a great giveaway and I'm so happy to be part of his 100 follower milestone! He's also having a fun linky "Remember When". Here is a link back to my post when I hit the 100 mark back in February! I've learned so much and still have so much to learn.

Don't forget to link up with me tomorrow any ideas, lessons, or tips you have to spark those students!!! See you tomorrow!


  1. I'm so excited I found your blog! So adorable! My co-teacher and I were just looking at the mints idea for our curriculum night next week - heading over to follow you on facebook now :) Thanks!

    Primary Buzz

  2. Your students' all about me projects turned out fabulous! I love the moon oreo cookie activity too. It makes me miss teaching science. :(
    I don't have it in me to write a five for Friday post. The hubs left yesterday for a five day fishing trip 14 hours north of NY and it is tough being a "single" mom. Lol. See you tomorrow for Spark Motivation Saturday though! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  3. Love the phases of the moon activity! Thanks for sharing the printable as well!

    Have a great weekend--
    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  4. These books look amazing! I love the Oreo phases of the moon. It makes me wish I taught space!
    Have a wonderful night!

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
    Find me on Facebook

  5. Oh my goodness, friend! I know exactly what you are talking about! This time of year is crazy and I am so tired when I get home. I wonder when that tired will end...

    Love your All About Me book! Looks like a great way to get in those speaking and listening standards.

    Have a good (restful) weekend!
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  6. Lots of great stuff in this post. Thanks! I love the Oreo Moon Phases! My partner and I like to wear heels too (except hers are WAY higher than mine) and we are in a new school. The project manager of the school recently saw my partner in the gym and told her that she wasn't allowed to wear her heels on the gym floor!!

    :) Shelley
    The Perks of Teaching Primary

  7. Joanne,
    Glad to hear that I'm not the only one still trying to adjust to the school year. We've only had one full week of school so far, but already I feel the pinch of it. Busy Busy Busy. I have to make a PLAN like we talked about this summer! :)
    Enjoy your week!

    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  8. I was just in Costco checking out the huge box of Oreos. I bought it last year but didn't need it since so many parents sent some in. But you never know! Plus they are so tasty even when they aren't part of the moon phases!

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