Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Swap and Share: Enemy Pie Activities and Printables by Collaboration Cuties

I am so LUCKY and PROUD to be part of this amazing group of teachers/bloggers who decided to do a swap and share!
I WON by getting paired up with Collaboration Cuties! We all teach 4th grade and share the same philosophy about teaching, learning, and making school fun! I love these gals!
Collaboration Cuties
 I immediately chose one of their best sellers Enemy Pie, Fun Back to School Activities and Printables! Enemy Pie is one of my FAVORITE books, so this was an EASY choice for me (even though they have so many wonderful products)! The thing I love about their products is that they have been created because they saw a need in their classroom and have been used with their own students-this is very important to me as a buyer!

The inviting layout of the printables got my students excited about completing these activities right away! I introduced the book with the prediction organizer.

So easily students get in the habit of making predictions without revising or confirming them. This activity provides space for creative students to draw an illustration of their prediction, then explaining if their prediction was correct or incorrect after reading.

After we read the story, my students completed the literary elements graphic organizer. My students liked it because of the "cuteness" factor and I liked it because it was a quick way to assess my students' understanding.

 This pack is PACKED full of activities! I loved that I was able to integrate grammar with this text too! My students liked the idea of a "Grammar Hunt" sounds mysterious! I displayed the pages on the document camera and students worked together to find as many different parts of speech as they could. I also gave a quick assessment (see right). I like how this student put a couple of question marks because she wasn't sure if the words were being used as nouns or adjectives-kind of tricky! I liked that it was challenging! 
 Onto my FAVORITE part of this bundle! The recipe for a great friend!
I love how clever they got with their ingredients! They asked if they could write 0 cups of something if they didn't like that quality in a friend. I loved it!
**In case you can't see the picture...{0 cups of mean and 0 cups of friends with bullies}.
Do you see the one with 9 cups of class family??
Of course, there was a student who received extra credit for 10 cups of high heels!!!!
The most exciting part of this lesson was the recipe on the left...I have to REALLY MOTIVATE this student to complete any work, and she did it right away! (Even her group member rushed over to show me that she did it and she pointed out that she did a great job on it! haha--she's a future teacher!
I like the 0 cups of annoyingness!)
I made a class book to hold everyone's recipes for a great friend.
This book will be shared with our families like our other class books.
I used the vocabulary activity with my small groups. I also let my students choose a writing assignment (there are several options and my students love choice) which tied in perfectly with our personal narrative writing unit.
Building community is so important and this book with activities fits perfectly in my classroom.
Although the product says Back to School, these activities could be used any time of the year.
If you have the book Enemy Pie, you MUST get this printable pack to accompany this mentor text! There's 22 pages of reading, writing, and grammar activities! I used them all week with whole group, small group, centers, and for individual assignments.
This bundle saved a bundle of time for me since everything was integrated!
I loved that this pack had something for EVERYONE! There was so much to use with one mentor text! Check out this pack here! You'll be so glad you did!
You and your students will enjoy the variety of activities!


  1. I love this book too!! I think it is great that you send home class books - I need to do a better job of sharing our books with parents. Do you raffle off class books at the end of the year - that is what I do - if I can bear to give them up :)

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