Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Workshop Wednesday: Edible Math-Fractions

It's Workshop Wednesday time with my BBB Jivey! And, the yummy part about this week's topic is it's edible math! There are so many ways to incorporate food or candy into math lessons, and of course, these are the ones the kids remember! This topic was perfect timing...because today I introduced fractions with this book:
As soon as I started the book I said, "Oh, this book really isn't going to work without the Hershey Bars," and I walked away from the front of the room like I was going to get a different lesson. Then I shouted, "That' why I brought these today!!!!!!!"
They squealed with those sounds! (I should've incorporated writing using the 5 senses with this lesson-they were very descriptive with the smell and taste!---next year!)
We just went page by page going over basic fractions and terminology. For some this was a refresher, for some BRAND NEW! Like all of us, we have such varying levels of learners in our rooms. But even as a refresher, kids (or the teacher) won't be upset when it involves CHOCOLATE! 
We talked about equivalent fractions and ways to make one whole. 
We are learning about benchmark fractions, so breaking up the Hershey bar into fourths, thirds, and halves was a great introduction. 
And the best get to eat the fractions! 
Seriously, how much do you want to bet the next time they have a Hershey Bar they'll divide it into groups and tell the person they're with all about fractions??!! EXACTLY! They'll never look at a Hershey Bar without thinking of this math lesson again!


  1. Hey lady! I've taught this exact same lesson before! Did you manage to escape the day without eating all the leftovers? Yeah.. I wasn't so lucky! I was just telling my co-teacher the other day that I KNEW there was a Hershey's book somewhere out there in the world, because I couldn't remember the name as I've somehow misplaced mine. I bet your kids had a blast! :)


  2. I love doing this lesson! And so do the kids! Thanks for linking up, BBB!

  3. I have to get that book, and now I have to a Hershey bar:).

  4. I love this book. However, since sometimes desks don't get cleaned or the students' hands are not cleaned I made a paper version of the Hershey bar and then after the lesson they can have the real deal.

  5. We did this exact same activity in the fall! The kids cheered when I pulled out the chocolate :)
    Funny how Hersheys make fractions the most exciting lesson of the day!

    Joy in the Journey

  6. Love doing this lesson! Engaging and yummy....what more could you ask for?

  7. I am sure your kids love this lesson - who wouldn't love it! I also use these chocolate bars to teach that fractions depend on the orginal size of the object - I ask them if they would rather have a whole chocolate bar or a half - they vote for whole - they get a whole Halloween size candy bar and I got half of a king size Hershey bar : )

  8. I love the teaser as you went to get the chocolate bars. Such fun!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  9. I used to do this lesson when I taught elementary. SO FUN!!!

    Thank for bringing back some fun memories for me!
    Hodges Herald

  10. I love this and have done it before but find more and more often that I have Kurds that allergic to chocolate or can't have candy. (I think I get them because I have a kudos with allergies!) Does anyone have any suggestions to help overcome this?

  11. I love this book & lesson! I use the Hershey bar for fractions of a whole(region) then we use Skittles to talk about fractions of a set. Edible Math is the best!
    On the Trail of Learning

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