Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Workshop Wednesday: Seasonal Writing

A quick post to link up with my girl Jessica for her Workshop Wednesday! This week's focus is seasonal writing.
When we came back from winter break last week we wrote personal resolutions and class resolutions to make ourselves and our class better. A perfect time to reflect and promote growth and change.

 I first modeled my resolution (time management) and then let them brainstorm ideas in their groups. My students didn't have too much trouble figuring out things to improve or change, but they did have some difficulty coming up a plan to implement it. Here are some samples of personal resolutions:
She wants to earn money so she can give to charity-she will do extra chores. (So sweet!)

She wants to maintain her grades-she will study for tests.

She wants to earn 600 Reading Counts points and she plans to do that by reading 80 pages a day.
After our personal resolutions, we made class resolutions. These were more difficult because many of my students were choosing things that are already expected (keeping our classroom clean, completing homework, keep our lead for Reading Counts, etc.) I explained to them that I wanted them to "push themselves" and go above and beyond what they already do or are supposed to do. Then their wheels started turning...

I love that this young man wants to be a "complimenter". He wants to compliment his friends when they have good ideas.
 This resolution impressed me because she's taking responsibility for the learning of others. She also wants to be more of a leader-some of my class leads by example, not verbally leading others, so I'm excited that she wants to take on a more active role in our class!
We made a book with our class resolutions to send home to share with our families.
(These activities came from my Happy New Year Resolutions Pack)
What seasonal writing activities has your class been working on? Link them up with Ideas By Jivey!


  1. Love this!! I was not so good on resolution writing this year. Oops! :-P I think it was because we went back so late after New Year's Day this year... I love your kids' resolutions though! Thanks for linking up BBB!

  2. I love how you pushed your students to go above and beyond what is normally expected in the classroom for their class resolutions. Your "complimenter" just melts my heart! So sweet!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  3. I LOVE the complimenter idea! Precious! I was giggling about you saying "going above and beyond". I probably say that about 11 times in my class every. single. day....especially with "you know what" coming around the corner! My stomach is already in knots thinking about it. XOXOXO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. I love this! I am sure this was a meaningful activity for your students!

  5. You have the sweetest students in the world. How adorable are those resolutions!?!

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