Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mentor Text-The Stranger

Linking up with the adorable Amanda & Stacia for Must Read Mentor Texts.

 The Stranger by Chris Van Allsburg...
The Stranger sparks a lot of questions from the beginning all the way to the end! A farmer hits a strange man on the side of the rode with his car. The farmer takes care of him since he lost his memory due to the accident. The story keeps you guessing and questioning throughout the book. In the end, the stranger's identity is never revealed. We read it a second time to pick up clues from the reading and my students make inferences of who they think the stranger is. This mysterious story gives students the chance to use their imaginations and critical thinking skills. We use my Reading With Post-Its Questioning Template to keep track of their thinking and questions. After we have reread the book we look back at our questions to see if they've been answered and then they complete their reaction to this story. Great book for analysis and discussion!
This resource is available at my TPT store and can be used with any book!
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  1. I have heard of this book before, but haven't read it... pinning it!! thanks!!! :)
    ideas by jivey

  2. Chris Van Allsburg is an interesting author...I will have to check out this book! It sounds fabulous for inferencing!!

    Thanks for linking up, friend!
    Collaboration Cuties

  3. What a fabulous idea - I love that you have them use sticky notes :) You are so creative girl!

    Keepin’ It Kool In KinderLand

  4. I was just introduced to this book in the fall and couldn't wait to share it with my class. We had so much fun with this book. Thanks for sharing the great idea!

    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  5. I've heard this book is wonderful, but I haven't taken the time to read it. Yet. :)

    Love your questioning sheet-can't wait to use it!



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