Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spark Student Motivation: Desk Toppers

Happy Saturday! Time to share more wonderful ideas of how you motivate your students!
For a more detailed explanation please read this post. Each Saturday you can link up to share ONE idea/tip/incentive you use in your classroom to motivate or encourage your students. Choose any topic you want to share about! Basically ANYTHING you do in your class that is extra and gets kids excited! No idea is too simple, sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference! We all need a bag FULL of magic tricks!! Now for another magic trick...
Desk Topper Awards!
I got these "placecard holders" in the wedding section of Michael's-haha! I seriously accept the challenge to use ANYTHING in my classroom! My husband saw these on our counter last summer and thought I was planning a wedding! :O)
I pass these out to students who are demonstrating the skill on the card-they keep them on their desks for a few days to show off...sometimes a week if they "forget" to give it back! Do you see the "heel" of approval??!! My favorite part about these is when my students want to "award" each other with them!
Look at this little guy! Do you think he's proud of his sign??!! I sent the photo to his mom..she was proud too! There you have it...a simple, fun motivational tool!
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  1. I love this idea! I will be heading to Hobby Lobby and straight to the wedding section later today! ;) Thanks for sharing and I am going to attempt to link up for the first time! YAY!!
    Creating Lifelong Learners

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  3. It is moments like this that I boo hoo about not being in the states. Belgium just does not have the obsession with all thing crafty so I have to improvise like crazy. I am thinking of a cork with a wooden skewer and the note glued to it. Where there is a glue gun, there is a way! Thanks for the super cute and easy way to keep the excitement alive in our classrooms!


  4. This is an awesome idea... Love it!!

  5. I love that they can give them to each other too- how sweet!!! This will be added to my bag of tricks for sure- as usual, love the idea! :)
    ideas by jivey

  6. Such a cute idea! I love it!!! You are so motivational!!! How fun!! Pinning it!

    Collaboration Cuties

  7. I love the desk topper awards! I bet your students have a huge smile on their face when they earn one of these rewards!

  8. What a fantastic idea! My brain is racing with all of the things I might write on the cards! Thanks so much for sharing and hosting.

  9. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. I can't wait to get started on making these! Thanks for hosting this linky. :)

    The Balanced Classroom

  10. Love this... and I think I may have a few place card settings left over from my wedding. Those will be dug out of storage soon! Thank you for the idea friend!

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  11. This is an awesome idea. This is a great motivator. I love that the honor sits on their desk for all to see. Thank you for sharing!

    Foreman Teaches

  12. What an awesome idea! I know my kiddos would love that and it is so easy. Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  13. Oh my gosh, Joanne! I absolutely love this idea! So simple, but so motivating for students. I know my kiddos would absolutely eat this up. You could use that idea for so many different things! My brain is all a-flutter with this creativity! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Making Lemonade in Second Grade

  14. Oh my! I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  15. This is such a wonderful idea, Joanne! The students must just love it too:) Thanks so much for sharing!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  16. What an awesome idea! It's one thing for a teacher to give an award, but for a student to present an award has much more meaning. Thanks for sharing!

    The 4th Grade Journey

  17. GREAT IDEA - thank you for sharing this!! I too am "dangerous" anytime I walk into stores like Michael's! I love this idea, especially how you've made it unique to you and your teaching style with your "heel of approval!"
    Antonia @ forkin4th

  18. LOVE the wedding section.. even when I'm not planning a wedding! :) Thanks for sharing this cute idea!


  19. WOW. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. I missed linking up, but I just posted about our money economy. It is only temporary, but we love it. I bet we could make a sign about big earners or something of the sort. Thanks for the idea.

    Diary of a First Year Teacher

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  21. These are too cute. I am sure your students just love them! Looking forward to linking up in the future!


    "">The Second Grade Superkids

  22. I LOVE this idea! So simple yet so motivating! THANKS!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans


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