Thursday, May 2, 2013


Linking up with Farley for this month's Currently! I can't believe it's already May!!!
Oh' boy fourth grade
Listening to Survivor-I'm a die-hard fan! I've never missed an episode and I'm the one dork who actually bought one of those buffs they used to advertise at the end of each episode!

Loving that my class was good for the sub for FOUR days while I was on the Disney Cruise...yes, I feel totally guilty, but it's almost double the price in summer!
Thinking about the million things I need to do in the next week to prepare for my Mother's Tea Extravaganza! It's all the little details that are so time consuming!
Wanting my hair done!! I need a cut and hi-lights so badly!
Needing an assistant! How can I get one of these? Isn't there some high school student that loves running errands??!! And, it would be an added bonus if she could do hair!!! :O)
Summer Bucket List includes making my backyard cozier. We paved our entire backyard and the space looks larger, but lacks a flow that can work for entertaining and family fun. I think by adding some couches, umbrellas, and finding a better layout will complete this space. I also want to replace some accessories to change the look of the interior.


  1. Stopping by from Farley's link up. I completely relate/wish I could find an assistant too! I have 40+ boxes of legos to organize and they could be really helpful. A haircut wouldn't hurt either.

    - The Babbling Box

  2. My hubby and I LOVE cruises too! They so aren't priced for a teacher's schedule so I definitely don't blame you for taking advantage of it!

    For the Love of First Grade

  3. Welcome back. Hope your family had a fantastic time on the cruise. Can't wait to hear more about your Mother's Day Tea - I would volunteer to come down and be your assistant but our weather has finally turned warm : )

  4. Did you enjoy the cruise? We loved our this past summer. So glad your kids were good for the sub, and I'm glad you were able to get away. I hope it was relaxing for you!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  5. Discovered you through Currently... I went on a cruise for my honeymoon. It was great.. hope to someday do it again!. The DH and I have traveled to Disney in May when I was subbing - some much cheaper and quieter than during April breaks!

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