Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spark Student Motivation: Medals

I got this idea originally from the adorable Lana from 4 The Love of Teaching. These "Gold" medals are used to motivate students to do well on tests. I use them about once a month-sometimes it's student initiated. I've used them for A's and B's, growth, getting a preselected problem on a test correct (like #4), beating their highest score, etc. I like to keep them guessing! I also use them for different subjects to give everyone a chance to shine with their strength!
I have a class set so they know they all have the opportunity to earn a medal and wear it for the day! They hang on my wall waiting to be worn by these hard working students! Other teachers and students ask them about it and they are so proud to tell them!
This beauty asked me to take a picture and send it to her mom while she was at work-her mama was so proud and this student loved her mom's response!
 I purchased these last summer in the dollar section at Target, they're plastic and open up to customize your award. I'm sure they'll have them again-be on the look out!

Link up any idea that motivates you or your students-if it motivates you, it motivates them! No idea is too small or too big! :O) (Incentives, units of study, a lesson, a book, ANYTHING).
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  1. What a great way to celebrate students who worked hard on a test. I will have to be on the lookout for them.

  2. Awwww, thanks for the shout out!! :) I appreciate it! I love those little medals!

  3. Very cute idea! Kids love to show off! :) Precious. :) Thanks for hosting. I'm always happy to join in on the fun!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. My co-worker uses the medals for A's on tests and different things and the students walk around with the biggest smiles on their faces! I need to join in on this!

  5. Those medals are a great idea- I know my students would be very proud to show off their skills this way too!

    Learning to the Core

  6. I love those medals - I will for sure be on the look-out for them now that we have a Target!! Thanks for the great idea, I'm sure my kids would love to wear them too. Do you let them wear them home too or just around the school for the day?

  7. Aw I love those medals!! I will have to watch for them to come back! I like the idea of taking a picture so they can have it to show their parents- that's why I started with stickers so they could take them home but these medals are WAY cuter!!
    ideas by jivey

  8. We have a class pet (it's a webkinz, since we are not allowed realy pets) that we use, share, virtually take care of, and take home throughout the year. One thing I use for motivation is the table visititation of our pet. When a student is working exceptionally hard, our pet likes to visit and hang out with super strong workers! They love to have him visit. Sometimes, I have to get his friends (former years' pets) to join him because we have so many workers! :) Just another idea for spark motivation!

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