Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: Motivation to Write!

Linking up with my girl Jessica for Workshop Wednesday! Today's topic is sharing an idea that gets kids motivated to write. If you follow my blog you know we take a big state writing test in 4th grade, so we have to keep our kiddos excited and motivated to write! I introduce to you....
Diamond Writing!
(I made a "Diamond Writing Club" for my students who showed sparkle in their writing! You know everyone wanted to be in it-even those boys!) :O)
I found these "gems" at Ross and knew I could do something with them! I had them sitting on my desk for a while (spiking curiosity of course) until one day I asked who wanted to be in my Diamond Writing Club. Of course all hands shot up! I had them write one detailed main idea and if it contained several creativity skills (diamond writing), then they could be part of my club! They were so excited and couldn't wait to conference with me to see if they were the proud owner of one of these jewels! I hung all the diamond writing on a bulletin board (sorry, no picture) for everyone to see GREAT writing examples. My students keep these jewels in their desks and take them out everyday during writing to help motivate them to be diamond writers!
Now, because my favorite color is sparkle and I'm the President of the club, this is MY diamond!!!
Go check out Jivey's Workshop Wednesday for other great ideas from great teachers to motivate students to write!
Speaking of motivation, don't forget to start thinking about how you motivated your students this week or any week to link up on Saturday! It can be anything! A lesson that got them excited, a special book you read, book choices, behaving for a substitute...anything that motivated you or your students! Hope to see you Saturday!


  1. What a FABULOUS idea! I must find some of those diamonds!

    Question: Do your boys find this motivating too?

    Joy in the Journey

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  3. Oh good heavens. Auto correct on my iPad was not pretty on that one. Let's try again! I love this idea! I'm so stealing it for next year!! Thanks for linking up bestie!!! :)

  4. This idea is so totally you! I love it - not sure that I could pull of the diamonds but I think I could substitute something else, thinking....

    Pinned this tonight and thought of you

  5. I can totally see the boys loving this too:) What a wonderful idea!! This is one of the reasons I LOVE 4th graders. They love this stuff.
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  6. Hahaha because my favorite color is sparkle! Love it!

    I've been meaning to link into your Saturday one for a few weeks now! Hopefully this week will be the one I'm not completely dead at the end of the week and I can face opening my computer ;)

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  7. I will have my first group of fifth graders for resource English next year. I am so excited to get to try this fun kind of stuff! In the past I taught high school so thank you for this fabulous idea! Heather


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